Shadow Wars Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Monsters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Shadow Wars by PikPok for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Shadow Wars Tip #1: Gems.
Gems in any kind of battles should be matched as many as possible as you can.
More gems matched or eliminated will result in to a single power gem to be appear at the selected gem location.
More matched gems will create a more powerful type of power gem.
Power Gems needs to be activated by selecting it or getting hit by another power gem.
Power Gems can eliminate a row of gems or column of gems or both depending on how many corresponding gem bursts in creating the power gem.
Power Gems can help you eliminate certain gems that are hard or impossible to eliminate without the help of power gems.
Power Gems can also increase your damage output by making a chain effect with other power gems or by just simply eliminating a row/column of gems.
It is recommended to carefully select on where to put your power gems. Remember Power Gems can eliminate a row/column and can trigger other power gems for more damage output.

Shadow Wars Tip #2: Leveling Up.
Level up your monsters to improve them! It will increase their base stats making it more powerful.
You can level up your monsters by earning XP "experience" through battles. Fortunately, if you want to instantly level up your monsters, you can use XP Shots.
It is easy to obtain XP shots! You can get it by fights and rewards! XP shots are good if you want to level up your newly obtain powerful monsters.
However your monsters can't level up more than your player's level so level up your player's level through battles and gaining experience.

Shadow Wars Tip #3: Skills.
Skills are important to win battles! There are maximum of 3 skills for a monster to obtain but you can only use 2 skills (1 active and 1 passive skill) in any battles.
You can have 2 active skills for any monster but you can only carry 1 active skill to be used in battles.
Active skill are better than passive skill, however in order to use active skill you need to match the element of the monster and the element of selected gems.
Once you reached its required amount of elemental gems, you can use it in the battles.
The best active skills in the game are healing skills because getting 3 star battles requires no death from any of your monsters after the battle.
Monster Skills can be improve through leveling up and evolving.

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