InfiMercs Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Gold, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Infinity Mercs : Nonstop RPG for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Infinity Mercs : Nonstop RPG Tip #1: Earn Gold.
You can earn gold by completing quests.
Collect cold through quests and upgrade your mercenaries!
Quests are completed after time passes and you can gain gold as rewards.
Use level-up magic on the mercenaries.
You can defeat harder stages with stronger mercenaries.
Level-up magic costs gold, but it's worth it if they become stronger!
You can earn more gold through quests.
Auto-run is very convenient since it runs even when the phone is off,
But keep in mind that if you reincarnate during auto-run, it will be reset!

Infi Mercs Tip #2: Reincarnation.
If the mercenaries are almost at their limit, Use your <Reincarnation> magic to raise their abilities.
Use the reincarnation magic and you can gain more soulstones at higher stages,
Soulstones are used to <enchant> mercenaries and make them stronger,
Once you reincarnate, you have to restart from the first stage.
Evolve Mercenary is not reset even after reincarnation, so it is a crucial element to pass all the stages.
When reincarnating, a soul stone will be received and the stage will be reset.
When reincarnating, the mercenary level will be initialized, but the mercenary buff and relic will be retained.

InfiMercs Tip #3: Watch Ads.
There are also items that you can purchase without paying cash or gems, and just by watching ads.
If there is no ads that you can participate, you will still get your gift, so don't be sad. Star Points are given out of love, after all.

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