Juggernaut Champions Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Beat Enemies Faster, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Juggernaut Champions by My.com for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Juggernaut Champions Tip #1: Combo Bar.
It fills up as fast as you hit (tap). Once it is filled, you will be able to use your ultra-powered special attack.
Special Attack deals huge amount of damage for about 1 second. The amount of damage for Special Attack depends on how powerful your main champion is or basically how powerful your "Damage per Tap is.
It is recommended to use Special Attack on bosses specially if it is a tough one. To efficiently use Special Attack, use 3 or more fingers tapping at very fast rate to be able to cast special attacks frequently.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #2: Magic.
There are 4 types of magic available in Juggernaut Champions.
1. Fire Spell: Inflicts x100 damage to Bosses. Same as your Special Attack, Fire Spell depends on how powerful your Damage per Tap. You can only use once per boss fight and it has 3 charges. When the charge is completely used, you can recharge it for 45 mins to be used again.
2. Knight Sword: 200% damage of the team. It costs 2.33k "shield with sword" to learn it. You can obtain "shield with sword" through daily challenges.
3. Banner of Valor: 60% gold from monsters. It costs 1.25k "tournament points" to learn it. You can obtain "tournament points" through tournaments but you need to use Rebirth ability (magic) for that.
4. Rebirth: Starts a new game with additional Mana for studying artifacts.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #3: Main Champion vs Hired Champions.
Your Main Champion attacks only by actively tapping the screen while Hired Champions attacks automatically on it's own.
Actively Tapping the screen is a fast way to beat enemies and bosses. However there will be a time that you need to rely on Hired Champions if you want to beat enemies and earn coins at fast rate.
At early levels, it is cost efficient to upgrade your Main Champion because when you actively tapping the screen, it is much faster to beat enemies. However when you increase your level at some rate, upgrading your main hero doesn't improve your damage as much as improving at lower levels.
When it happens, you only need to upgrade your main hero to get it's abilities such as "100% bonus damage" or any abilities that are helpful.
It is the same also with Hired Champions, you need abilities that are beneficial because some abilities gives aren't helpful compared with other abilities.
Hired Champions is important at higher levels since Hired Champions gives higher damage output compared to your main champion at higher levels and you don't need to be actively tapping the screen to beat enemies and bosses.
However, you should take note of the abilities of your Main Champion and Hired Champions on when to upgrade them. Abilities are also key to improve damage output.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #4: Boss Fights.
Boss Fights have time limits so you better kill the boss before the time runs out. The lower red bar represents the remaining time while the upper red bar represents the boss health.
Facing bosses for the first time doesn't carry a risk if you can't kill them. However if you can't kill for the second time it might injured some of your hired champions.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #5: Connect with Facebook.
This will allow you to exchange resources with your friends and leverage with enemies. You will gain additional 50 gems and also be able to transfer your progress between devices.