Touchdown Manager Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Managing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Touchdown Manager for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Touchdown Manager Tip #1: Auction House.
Click on your player, then on the tab "Transfer".
There you can sell him on auctions market or simply dismiss him.
The auctions market is separated for each championship level. Only teams on the same championship level as you can see the players you sell.

Touchdown Manager Tip #2: Age/Wage.
Players age by 1 year every season (twice a month in real life).
They retire when they reach 32, so they play their last season at 31 y/o. Players who are 31 are pointed out with a little warning sign. Moreover, you receive a retirement warning message a week before.
Wages depends on moral, quality, learning speed, recovery speed, and some players are more greedy than others.

Touchdown Manager Tip #3: Energy.
Building the infirmary and leveling it up will speed the recovery of all of your players.
Increase stamina building the infirmary will only increase your recovery rate but has no bearing on how much stamina in game play you have.

Touchdown Manager Tip #4: Fatigue.
An injured player is automatically replaced at the next phase. But there is no subs for fatigue. It's a thing you can manage if you are online during the game.
During a game, every players skills are multiplied by (0.5 + energy * 0.25 + moral * 0.25 + match_bonus)

Touchdown Manager Tip #5: Training Speed.
Your training building and you infirmary do this:
The training Building adds a % to your training
The Infirmary adds recovery speed meaning your players can train more often.
Players have different training speeds. Think of it as one has more potential then the others just like real life the players are all different.

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