Gulong Heroes Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Power, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Gulong Heroes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Gulong Heroes Tip #1: Lord Stages.
Clear specific Main Quest stage to unlock corresponding Lord stage.
Lord stages do not have clear reward.
Lord stages do not trigger Encounter events.
Successfully clearing a Lord stage grants you evaluation score.
Top 3 players with the highest evaluation some will become the owner of a stronghold and are
authorized to collect Tax from the corresponding chapter.
Every day, every player who clears a stage of that chapter tor the first time must pay the Lord a percentage of the coins gained as Tax.
Lord Tax has minimum and maximum values.
Tax is settled at 5:00 am every day and will be mailed to the Lord.
Tax letter will be kept in box for only 24 hours and will be deleted when expired.
Lord rankings are reset at 5:00 am every Monday. Current Lord can still receive tax after the reset.
One player can be the Lord of up to three strongholds. Becoming the lord of a fourth stronghold will cost a player their first stronghold.

Gulong Heroes Tip #2: Increasing Power!

AT Up!
Use EXP pellets to level up your characters.
Use character shards to perform Limit Break for them.
Equip Power up materials to Power up your characters.

Main Quest Stage
Clearing Main Quest Stages in adventure is the most common way to gain character Power up-materials.

Clear Main Quest Stages on Normal Difficulty to challenge the Lieutenant of this chapter.
Become the Lieutenant to gain Coins as tax.

Gulong Heroes Tip #3: Sign In.
Accumulate daily sign-in every month to claim corresponding reward.
Players with enough VIP level may claim double reward on specific days!
Raise VIP level on the current day to claim the second reward.
Note: Accumulated sign-in reward expires at 5:00 the next day.
Unclaimed reward cannot be regained when expired.
Use EXP Pellets lo level up your characters.
Use character shards to perform Limit Break for them.

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