Mini Crushers Cheats: 9 Quick Tips for Classes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Mini Crushers for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The paladin is a solid pillar to the team.
The normal paladin can cast holy shield to resist great damage.
Can be advanced into a protection paladin who is good at resisting mages or holy paladin that can heal and defend.

Mages are a magic damage output class and specialized in crowd control.
Can be advanced into frost mage with controls and damage or a fire mage focused on pure damage.

Druid is a hybrid class.
Normal druid is good at silencing enemies and has healing powers.
Can be advanced into a feral druid who is good at physical damage output or a priest druid who restore group hp.

Hunter has powerful ranged physical damage output.
Normal hunter is good at group deceleration and single target damage output.
Can be advanced into a marksmanship hunter that has strong group damage output, or a beast master hunter that is able to summon beast to assist in combat.

Warlock is good at continuous magic damage output.
Normal warlock can cast rain of fire and deals damage to all enemies.
Can advanced into a destruction warlock with suicide attack spells or an affliction warlock that is good at continuous damage output.

The warrior is an offensive and defensive class.
A normal warrior has group stun skill.
Can be advanced into an arms warrior specialized in damage output or a protection warrior that has a lot of health and strong in defense.

Rogue deal an incredible physical damage output.
Normal Rogue is the nightmare for the back row enemy.
Can be advanced into an assassination rogue, or a combat rogue who is good at dealing damage to a enemy groups.

Priest is the support of the team, provide endless life to his team.
Can be advanced into healing tanker, holy priest or a shadow priest with some damage output.

The Shaman is versatile in the team.
Normal shaman can provides a variety of buffs to the team.
Can be advanced into an elemental shaman with high magic damage or an enhancement shaman that can fight and resist damage.