US Army Sniper Assassin Cheats: 7 Quick Tips for Shooting, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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US Army Sniper Assassin for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Press Zoom to enable the scope. Find out targets in the distance and use your scope to take them out accurately.

Shoot at your target when you are ready. Be patient and look for an opportunity to take out the target.
Use your scope and aim perfectly. Shoot when you are ready.

Your weapon must be steady when firing. Press the button to hold your breath for a few seconds.

Close Quarters
Soldiers are standing guard, clear the area to aid infiltration.

Guards are assembling for a quick discussion. They need to be dispatched.

Offensive Engagement.
Take out the Sniper before you're spotted.

Chain of Events.
The enemy is on alert; and they have increased vigilance.
Increased Sniper activity detected in the area.