Formula Clicker Cheats: 3 Best Tips on RPS, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Formula Clicker for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Formula Clicker Tip #1: Garage.
As you make progress, parts will be upgraded and car will look different. Tapping will make it more faster!
Upgraded parts means more RPS, RPS is needed to upgrade new parts. Unlock more parts to increase RPS.
Every time you upgrade new part, another is being unlocked!
In Wind Tunnel, every upgrade gives you bonus to RP/S Value. It needs higher garage level to be able to use Wind Tunnel.
You can also build paint garage. You will be able to get additional RP/Tap Bonus and Paint you Car.
The higher level of your garage the more RP/Tap you get. Tapping will make you earn more RPS.
You can also unlock more features when you increase the level of your garage. Such as racing mode, etc.. that will make you earn more RPS!

Formula Clicker Tip #2: Office.
When you're offline your employees can handle only some percentage of earnings. You can Increase this percentage in Office.
You can sign sponsors. Sponsors gives you money/s. Every time you sign sponsor, next one will be available. New Sponsors will give you a huge boost on money per second than the previous sponsors.
In Office, you can hire people. People multiply your earnings from parts. Upgrade Parts to an increment of 5 levels to be able to hire new people.

Formula Clicker Tip #3: Racing.
In order for test to be completed successfully you need to meet drive goal.
Drive goal progress is all about filling the speed that depends on your RP/S Value.
Car progress shows you how far on lap are you. You need to fill goal bar before car bar will be filled.
Tapping increases your Goal bar and make car faster, so you can beat the track record.

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