Phalanx Heroes Cheats: 6 Best Tips on Combat, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Phalanx Heroes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Phalanx Heroes Tip #1: Action Order.
In a combat with ordinary enemies, player and the enemy will attack on order of A1 B1, A2 B2... when there is an empty position or the hero in the position has died or stunned, then the position will be skipped and the next hero will attack.
For example, when A2 attacks single target with the highest priority is dead or does not exist, the next target will be chosen.

Phalanx Heroes Tip #2: Attacking Target.
Heroes normal attacks and active skill will first aim at targets specified in skill descriptions. If the attacking target is a single default target, will first attack the right opposite target and then the nearest target in the front line, lastly other targets.
For example: When A2 attacks single target, the target priority is B2>B1>B3>B5>B4>B5. When the target with highest priority is dead or does not exist the next target will be chosen.

Phalanx Heroes Tip #3: Active Skill.
Heroes with 4 rage points will perform deadly active skills and automatically decrease rage by 4 points. Meeting certain conditions, rage skills will evolve into more powerful united attacks!

Phalanx Heroes Tip #4: Rage Recovery.
Rage can recover though normal attacks, heroes with attribute auto rage recover will recover rage automatically at the end of each action. Note that some active skills may increase/decrease the target hero's rage, make use of them.

Phalanx Heroes Tip #5: Negative Status.
Some skills can inflict the target with negative statuses, such as Poison, Scorch and Stun! Poisoned or Scorched heroes will lose some HP at the beginning of each round and stunned heroes are unable to act in that round.

Phalanx Heroes Tip #6: Combat Initiative.
In a battle against other players, the player with the higher power shall attack first! So try to increase your power.