Stickman Base Jumper 2 Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Jumping, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Stickman Base Jumper 2 by djinnworks for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Stickman Base Jumper 2 Tip #1: Gameplay.
Touch to walk back to gain speed.
Touch once more to jump off.
You need to open your parachute when the landing zone is near, just simply touch.
Play through all events and try to get all stars by performing the most accurate.
Always land before time is up.
To get 3 stars, you should have a good jump off speed, maximum speed, fall height, landing speed and most importantly landing at the center of the landing zone.

Stickman Base Jumper 2 Tip #2: Using Marked Guide.
Once you walk back to gain speed and you touch once more to run, the game will marked the location and will be displayed when you do another attempt.
The previous marking will guide you on adjusting your next attempt.
There are two ways to use the previous marking to be able to execute good - perfect landing.
The first one is to retain the previous marked running spot but adjusting the spot for jumping by either early or late jumping.
The second one is to have a fixed jumping spot but changing the previous marked running location.
The second one is more easy and accurate to use as your guide to your previous marked location.

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