Super Toss the Turtle Cheats: 3 Best Tips for More Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Super Toss the Turtle for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Super Toss the Turtle Tip #1: Shooting on the way down!
It's most effective to shoot the character on the way down.
When the character is going down, you will gain speed once you shoot them.
The downward speed will convert into an upward speed with the same rate of speed.
In which will catapult your character at additional speed and there is a chance that you might bump into "friendly"obstacles that throws you even further.
Repeat it until your bullets runs out and you can beat your own previous set record specially if you obtain new cannons, gunz or stuffs.

Super Toss the Turtle Tip #2: Effective ways on using Jetpacks and Chest Bombs.
These both items will increase the speed and travel distance of your character.
Jetpacks should be used when you don't have bullets or stuffs anymore.
Jetpacks amplifies your current speed so you need high speed before using it.
When you activate your jetpack, make sure you tap and hold the screen for it to control it's direction.

Chest Bombs on the other hand should be use immediately after the cannon blows your character.
This will help your initial blow to have more speed and longer distance thus making your next shots  have added bonus speed.

Super Toss the Turtle Tip #3: Speed is Important!
You earn $1 for every meter you flew or traveled. It's not about the distance if you want to earn money at fast rate.
It is the speed of your character if you want more money because you get a fixed 1 dollar for every meter no matter how long your travel distance is.

Don't focus too much on how long you traveled because eventually you can buy new cannons, gunz and stuffs. 
These items increases your potential maximum travel distance but the speed of your traveling will increase too.
The faster your flying is the faster you earn money at 1 dollar per meter.