Dinowar: Tyrannosaurs vs Triceratops Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Dinobots, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dinowar: Tyrannosaurs vs Triceratops for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

DW Tyranno vs Tricera Tip #1: Dinobots.
Dinobots obtains EXP through battle and enhance ability points.
you can research at Lab and equip new armor at equipment management to enhance your dinobot.
You can research dinobot and skill upgrade after paying gold.
you can manage Dinobot's equipment. You can make your Dinobot stronger by upgrading armor and equip it.
If you have free coupon then you can get new equipment for free.

You can charge dinopower energy during the battle and touch the button to activate it.
If you activate Dinopower, you can do fierce attack.

New Dinobots become available to use as you advance through the game.

Each Dinobots has his/her own special skills and preferred stats. You can assign different strategies, utilizing different skills, to each character.

Tapping on the dinobot image displayed in world will take you to the change character where you can change your active dinobot by swapping the character icons.

On the Change character screen, you can view what rewards can be earned by leveling up a character.

You can earn new characters by completing character unlock missions.
Character unlock missions become available after increasing your stage or satisfying certain conditions.

DW Tyranno vs Tricera Tip #2: VIP Points.
Amount of gold bonus, energy bonus and EXP bonus depend on VIP Points and level.
You can obtain VIP Points after clearing each stage of stage battle and you can stack up to 100 points per app.
You can also obtain VIP Points through various ways such as item purchase.
All VIP points and level can be shared through all Dinowar Series.

DW Tyranno vs Tricera Tip #3: Stage Battle.
You can select stage and fight. After clearing each stage, you can get reward according to it.
You can purchase item before entering stage and the battle will be played automatically.
The user can use skill or item to defeat the enemy, when it is required.

DW Tyranno vs Tricera Tip #4: Arena Battle, Tier Rank and Ranking.
Search for other users with same tier rank and fight them.
The battle reward depends on conditions like tier rank or victory streak and tier rank can be changed depending on battle outcome.
Your two Dinobots will be all mobilized, so it is advantageous to raise both of them.

Weekly Ranking depends on tier rank. For every ranking cutoff, you can get reward according to your tier rank.
There are five tier ranks, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and master.
If you obtained 1000 tier points, you can promote to upper tier and if your tier points is below 0, you will be demoted.
You must play Arena Battle at least once, in order to obtain weekly ranking reward.

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