Dodonpachi Unlimited Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Planes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dodon Unlimited Pachi by APXSOFT & Mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dodonpachi Unlimited Tip #1: Spinning.
When both Plane Attacks allow for a  spin, spinning again is determined as follows:
1. Both spins activate and launch their attacks.
2. If you have a space that allows you to spin again, you can decide whether to use it based on the spin result.
3. If you have have an ability that allows you to spin again, you can decide whether to use it based on the spin result.
* If you have decided not to spin again in (2). You can decide to use your plate to spin again now.
4. If an Attack's effect causes you to spin again, you will spin again.
* If you didn't spin again in (2) or (3), you can choose to use either of those to spin again now.

Dodonpachi Unlimited Tip #2: Battle.
Before or after moving, your plane is adjacent to one of your opponent's plane, you can start a battle.
To start a battle, tap your plane and cursor will appear on any enemy plane will start the battle and the spinning begins.

In battles, you use your plane attacks by spinning the Data Disk. The battle is decided by Attack Color, damage or Star number.
Losing a battle may lead to your plane knocked out.

When a plane is damaged by an enemy attack, or from attack effects or being surrounded, they are knocked out.
Knocked out plane go to the plane center and cannot be used.

Dodonpachi Unlimited Tip #3: MP Move.

If all the possible movement points of a plane are occupied by the opponent's plane, they are knocked out.
This is decided when MP movement has finished, not while movement is still occurring.

MP movement refers to moving a plane a set distance using it's MP.
On your turn you can choose one plane a turn to move using MP (In one turn you can move only one Plane).
You can move any distance up to the MP number, but you cannot retrace your steps or end your turn on the same place you started.

When not using AI, tapping a plane will show points that can be moved to. Then, by tapping the point you can make your move.

Dodonpachi Unlimited Tip #4: Reviving.
Reviving from the plane center.
Up to 2 plane at a time can be in the plane center: when a third enters, the first plane  (the one that entered the plane center first) is revived to the garage, and is  in a waiting state.