Heroes Arena Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Defense and Currency, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Heroes Arena 5v5 by uCool for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Heroes Arena Tip #:1 Pillage.
A currency only acquirable from pillage.
You can purchase various items in the fame shop.
1. In Pillage, you can collect the currency produced in the Vault.
2. You can invade other players Defense Tower and pillage their vault.
3. Even in the case of failure, you will still receive bonus currency, based on how far you have gone up.
4. You can improve your Defense Tower and place Defense Troops in order to protect your Vault from enemy invasions.

If there are Gold and Fame marks on the vault, you can collect Gold and Fame from it.
If there's only a Gold mark, you can only collect Gold.
The same goes for fame.

When the Defense Tower is displayed as In Battle, it means that another Expeditions is invading it.

Heroes Arena Tip #:2 Vault.
You need Gold to upgrade the level of your Vault. If you want to upgrade beyond a certain level, you may need to extend your defense.
Increase Gold and Fame production: If you level it up, the amount of Gold and Fame production per Hour will be increased.
Extend Gold, Fame Storage: If you level it up the maximum amount of Gold and Fame storage will be increased.
Hire Gold and Fame Manager: Once hired, the manager will keep your Gold and Fame safe from enemy invasion.
Even if your Gold and Fame are full, the protected amount will not be pillaged.

Heroes Arena Tip #:3 All Defense Tower.
You can extend your Defense Tower in "My Defense Tower".
You can use the extension requirements and rewards.
You need to complete certain parts of your exploration in order to extend your defense tower.
The more you expand your defense tower, the more fame you can collect from it.
You can extend you Defense Tower with Gold.
You can easily organize and deploy your Defense Tower troops via "Easy Deploy".
Defense Troops can be deployed according to a certain criteria and all the floors attributes can be identical.

Heroes Arena Tip #:4 Defense Tower Floor.
Guardian Stone: The color changes according to the Guardian Stone's attribute.
Once the Guardian Stone's level increases, you will be able to deploy more Defense Troops.
Your deploy-able defense troops count increases by 1 on level 3, 6, and 9.

There are 3 types of Defense Troops and their HP and ATK increases through level up.
A Defense weapon will be deployed on each floor.
The defense weapon deals AoE attacks toward the invading heroes.
Defense weapons are immobile, and will be placed as a stationary unit next to the guardian stone.
Defense Weapon's HP and ATK can be increased through level up.

You may deploy your character to the floor you want.
Move to the floor and deploy one. The character will become a boss who guards the guardian stone on that floor.
The higher the Guardian stone level, Defense Troops level, Defense Weapon level and the boss level the higher the chance to defend against pillage.

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