Postknight Cheats: Redeem Codes & 2 Best Tips for Increasing Stats, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Postknight by Kurechii for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Postknight Tip #1: Detailed Postknight Status Attributes.
- HP: Displays your character's maximum HP. Current HP decreases if your character takes damage from enemies. Once it becomes 0, your character dies.
- ATK: Indicates how strong your character's attack is.
- DEF: Indicates how much damage your character can endure.
- Penetration: Decreases the target's Defense.
- Evasion: Indicates your character's chances of evading an incoming attack, and thus not take any damage.
- Crit Chance: Indicates your character's chances at dealing powerful damage.
- Crit Resistance: Indicates the chances of resisting critical hits taken.
- Critical Strike: Indicates the amount of damage dealt by critical strikes.
- Critical DEF: Indicates the amount of damage reduction against critical strikes.
- ATK Against Boss: Bonus attack against boss monsters.
- DEF Against Boss: Bonus defense against boss monsters.
- PvP ATK: Additional Attack against an opponent in Bloody Battlefield.
- PvP DEF: Additional defense against an opponent in Bloody Battlefield.
- Damage Reduction: Indicates the amount of damage reduced.
- CC Resistance: Decreases the chances of getting CC effect.
- Lifesteal: Restores HP according to the damage dealt to the target.
- Additional Damage: Indicates the amount of additional damage that ignores the target's defense.
- Damage Reflection: The chances of dealing reflected damage if attacked, based on your character's defense. It happens with a probability of 70%.
- ATK Speed: Increases attack speed, based on your character's basic attack speed.
- Movement Speed: Increases movement speed, based on your character's basic movement speed.
- Gold: lncreases the amount of Gold earned when you kill a monster.
- XP: lncreases XP gain from completing a stage.
- Drop Rate: lncreases the chance of item drops when you kill a monster.

Postknight Tip #2: Items & Gears.
Items usually have one basic option. Set items have one additional set option
Items can have a number of random options according to the grade.
A set effect is applied if you equip multiple gear or accessories with the same grade.
You can increase the maximum number of items you can own with Gems.
If your Inventory is full, you cannot proceed.
Use the Lock button to lock valuable items so you do not accidentally sell or use them as materials.

Gear that has reached their maximum enhancement level can be upgraded, except for Mythic grade gear.
Additional item options are added when items are upgraded above a certain grade.
You need Gold and Upgrade Stones to upgrade items.

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