Flower Zombie War Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

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Flower Zombie War for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Flower Zombie War Tip #1: Early Star Flower.
Plant "Star Flower" as many as you can early in any levels.
Planting Star Flower aggressively will give you enough stars to plant additional star flower.
You can plant star flower without losing a lawn mower or a zombie passing through any single lane while producing more star flowers.
You can use steel bamboo to block zombies from passing through a lane or eating your precious star flower.
You can also use cheap flowers to delay them from going to your star flowers.
You can also use flowers that has abilities to delay or kill early zombies.
It is recommended to use some stars to defend your star flower while planting them at the same time.
If you can successfully plant a lot of star flower at early phase of any level, you can easily plant more flowers, specially powerful flowers that can take down zombies easily.
You can also use excess stars to use some one time use flowers such as "brave tomato"to eliminate strong zombies.

Flower Zombie War Tip #2: Powerful Flowers.
You can easily tell if the flowers are powerful if their costs are higher than ordinary flowers.
But it doesn't mean you need to plant as soon as possible. Since they have higher cost, when you plant 1 expensive flower, that lane the flower has planted will be a lot more tougher for zombies to pass through. However the other lanes will be much weaker because it takes more stars to plant flowers for it to defend from zombies.
The real powerful flowers are those who have decent cost but higher cooldown that are similar with expensive flowers. They have higher damage output compared to the other regular flowers but they  are little bit weaker than expensive flowers. However they are easy to buy since you are forced to wait from their long cooldown and save stars at the same time for you to buy it easily.

Flower Zombie War Tip #3: Don't kill the last zombie.
The next wave of zombies will not start until the last zombie on the previous wave wasn't killed.
Exploit it by removing all attacking flowers to prevent the zombie from being killed.
Put steel bamboo in front of it to stop the zombie from going to lawn mower or your own house.
You can still earn stars from your star flowers and you have the opportunity to plant powerful flowers on other lanes. Don't forget to save some stars, you will need it to re-plant some flowers on that lane that has the last zombie.