NBA Life Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Player Improvement, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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NBA Life for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

NBA Life Tip #1: Upgrading Practice Drills.
Tap to select a practice drill and you will be tal-oen to the upgrade menu.
There are four slots that need to be filled with Core Abilities.
Below, you will see the Core Abilities and how much of each will need to be spent to upgrade the selected Practice Drill.

You'll notice that certain drills are more efficiency upgraded with certain Core Abilities, however, any combination of Core Abilities can be used to upgrade a Practice Drill.
Tap to select the four Core Abilities you'd like to use. and the two buttons above the Core Abilities will show how much it will cost to upgrade immediately wilh Juice and how long it will take to upgrade without Juice.
If you do not have any Core Ability points left, you can use Juice to supplement them for a higher price.
As you upgrade Drills, they will get more expensive in terms of Core Ability Points, Juice and time.

Upgrading Practice Drills is absolutely necessary to staying ahead of your opponents at the Stadium.
You'll notice as you progress through your game schedule that each new opponent is better than the last!

It is a good idea to upgrade all of your Practice Drills as you progress so that you have the optimal number of options when it comes game time.

NBA Life Tip #2: Exercise.
You learn new Exercises from your Personal Trainer. Each Personal Trainer has their own list of Exercises you can learn. so be sure to shop around for different Trainers with the Exercises you think would be best. Once an Exercise is learned, it will permanently stay in your list of Exercises.

Exercises are upgraded through multiple repetitions. Select an empty slot on your Exercise List and then select an Exercise to add to the queue.
Once the Exercise is complete and you collect it, you will notice that a progress bar has started to fill in the top right corner of the Exercises description.
A button replace this progress bar when it is ready to be upgraded.
Upgrading an Exercise increases the benefits that you gain from performing that exercise.

Better Personal Trainers allow you to queue up more Exercises at once.
The first few Trainers you come across will only have two slofi. but as you level up and unlock better Trainers, you'll also unlock more slots.

When you upgrade an Exercise, there is a chance that you will get an Upgrade Bonus.
This will provide a large, permanent boost ho the Core Abilities associated with that Exercise.

Exercises come in Easy. Moderate. Hard or Difficult.
The more difficult an Exercise, the mare you will increase your cure abilities and the rate at which they replenish.

NBA Life Tip #3: Stadium.
The Stadium is where you will play all of your games.  You can either play your  selected team's Schedule (which directly corresponds to that team's schedule in real life against Al opponents. or against another person in Player Vs. Player.

You can press the Smut button to view yaur opponent staff. From there you can go back to practicing and working out to get better or go head to head by pressing Play!

The Stadium is where you will play all of your games. You can either play your selecbed team's Schedule (which directly corresponds to that team's schedule in real life] against Al opponents. or against another person in Player Vs. Player.

You are completely free to play the Scheduled season or PVP games as often
as you like. However, it is important to note that playing games causes your
physical health to go down and losing games causes your mental health to go
down. The lower theses stats are, the more ofa penalty you incur to your
skills and overall performance. You can chance playing an important game with
less than maximum health, but it is a gamble.

NBA Life Tip #4: Trainer.
Each Trainer, has different Exercises to teach you as well different numbers of Exercise List slots. However. there are other qualifies you should pay attention to when hiring a Trainer.
These can be found in the Deals App. or once you've hired a Trainer by tapping their portrait in the Workout Facility.

Their Complexity will determine the level of Exercises that you can learn from them Easy, Moderate, Hard and Difficult). Also, depending on their area of expertise, they will also cause you to regain certain Core Abilities at a faster rate.

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