Sengoku Blades Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Warrior, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sengoku Blades for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Sengoku Blades Tip #1: Warrior's Level, Loyalty & Skill.
When warrior's level increases, her total stats, HP, ATK, and DEF are increased.
Once she reaches a certain level. additional Tec Slot and Weapon Slot will also be open.
To increase warrior‘s level, upgrade her with cash.
To increase warrior’s maximum level. raise her limit.

You cannot increase your warrior‘s level and her own maximum level at your own level (i.e. Lord Level).

You are Lord Lv.20, and your warrior has maximum level ot 30
-> You can increase your warrior's level up to 20.
You are Lord Lv.40, and your warrior has maximum Ievel at 30.
-> You can increase your warrior’s level up to 30.

You can raise warrior’s limit using the specific material and cash.
Raising warrior's limit lifts up her maximum level cap, increases her parameters (HIT/EVA/AGI/CRIT}, and improves her overall stats
Your warrior will have much more room to grow!
Warrior is required to have her limit raised once, before she can join the Raid Boss fight.
You can get material from Daily Dungeon and Raid Boss fight.

You can gain warrior‘s loyalty by patting on her head when she has heart icon popping up.
Increasing warrior's loyalty has a lot of benefits.
Warrior with high loyalty will propose a new building or a renovation idea for your city.
She will also give you a new weapon blueprint. And her skill will become more powerful.

Skill is an attacking move specific for each warrior.
You can activate it once the skill gauge is full.
To activate skill, tap on warrior’s avatar at the bottom—right of the battle screen.
Skill becomes even more powerful once the warrior reaches a certain level of loyalty.

Here's a trick: The target of the skill will be forced to cease her action.
If you activate the skill at the right time, you can stop your enemy from taking action!

Sengoku Blades Tip #2: Elements.
Each of your warrior has one elemental trait.
It could be ‘FIRE’ (red), “WATER” (blue), "WOOD" (green), ‘SUN’ (yellow), or "MOON" (purple).
To determine your warrior's element, look for the circular element symbol ot the top-left corner of your warrior's avatar.
(Do not rely on the color tone of your warrior's costume!)

Element effects the damage each warrior takes or inflicts on her enemy:
*FIRE inflicts higher damage on "WOOD , but takes' more damage from "WATER'.
*WATER inflicts higher damage an “FIRE”, but takes more damage from "WOOD".
*WOOD inflicts higher damage an ‘WATER’, but takes more damage from "FIRE".
*SUN inflicts higher damage an "MOON".
*MOON inflicts higher damage an "SUN"

Sengoku Blades Tip #3: Secret Tec.
Secret Technique (Tec) is a passive skill that is automatically activated at a regular period.
Warrior who has Tec Slot available is ready to learn new Tec.
You can teach her a new Tec by using a Tec Scroll.
Warrior can learn more than one Tec. and she will use every Tec she knows during battle!

There are two ways to improve your warrior's Tec.
(1) Use the same Tec Scroll on your warrior
(2) Use the Tec Drill Workbook
Both can increase Tec's power.
To improve your warrior's Tec, go to your warrior's detail screen, then tap the Tec slot.

You can teach new Tec to your warrior if she has an empty Tec Slot.
However, warrior can learn only Tec that is compatible with her weapon type.
You can make the warrior unlearn the Tec, but you won't gain back the Tec Scroll. So plan well!
To teach new Tec, tap an empty Tec Slot in warrior's detail screen

Tec Slot is open when warrior reaches a certain level.
* Number at available Tec Slot depends on warrior's
* You may have to raise warrior's limit to reach the level where

Sengoku Blades Tip #4: Awakening & The Reserves.
A warrior will gain Awakening (AWK) when you summon or receive a warrior identical to the one you already have.
Her AWK Lv. will be increased: she will gain EXP for her Tec: and you'll receive a Tec Scroll from her.
AWK Lv. and warrior's rarity affect the creation of Tec Scroll.
For HN (*2) warrior, she must hove AWK+5 to yield 1 Tec Scroll.
For R (*3) warrior. she must have AWK +3 to yield 1 Tec Scroll.
For HR, SR, GR (*4-*6), she must have AWK +1 to yield 1 Tec Scroll.

Using item to increase AWK Lv. will not give your warrior any Tec EXP.
There's no way to lift the cap once a warrior reaches the maximum AWK l.v.

You are limited to having 100 warriors. But if you really want to have more than that. you can move some warriors to the Reserve.
You can buy Reserve Slot from [Spend Gem] menu.
This option is available once you reaches 100 warriors in your record.

Warriors in Reserve is completely inactive. You won't see them walking around in the city; they cannot participate in any battle and you won’t be able to upgrade them or raise their limit.

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