Crash of Cars Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Obtaining New Cars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Crash of Cars Tip #1: Free Gifts.
You may obtain free gifts that contains coins, gems or cars after finishing a single game.
But you can only successfully obtaining it when the free gift timer expires.
You can also add extra 20 coins by watching a video.
When you receive a Free Gift, it's timer will increase from it's previous timer,

Crash of Cars Tip #2: Share.
Sharing a replay will give you 10 coins. It may only appear when you kill a lot of enemy cars or getting a lot of coins after finishing a game. It will also appear when you obtain a new car.
Share the replay through facebook. You can also set the privacy settings to "only me" if you don't want it to appear from your friend's news feed.

Crash of Cars Tip #3: Level Up.
You can level up when obtaining new cars. To obtain new cars, you need to obtain 100 coins to be able to obtain it in Prize Machine. For every common cars you get, you will receive 5 exp, rare cars will be 10 exp, epic cars will be 20 exp and legendary cars will be at 40 exp.
When you level up, you will unlock 1 powerup in the game. The higher your level is, the more powerful powerup you will get.

Crash of Cars Tip #4: List of Powerups.
Flamethrower: High Damage per Second but close firing range. The duration is long but you can drop them to the ground and still be able to damage enemy cars when being hit by flames.
Spikes: Similar to Flamethrower but at melee range and you throw it to the enemies.
Homing Missile: Homing Missile will locked to your closest enemy car. It will follow the car and it's start slowly and ends at very fast travel rate.
Freezing Cannon: Releases a small snowball traveling forward and gradually turn into a very large snowball. Enemies that being hit by a snowball will be frozen for a few seconds.
Heal: When activated, it will deploy two healing powerups from above your car and it will land to the ground randomly. Get them and you will be healed 50% per 1 healing power up. It is recommended to activate it when there are no enemy cars.
Boost: When activated, a directional arrow guide will appear from the front of your car. It will dash when the arrow guide disappear for about 1 second and accelerates at very high speed. If you hit an enemy car, it will deal damage and pushes enemy car.
Teleport: When activated, the car will stop at a half second and it will teleport.
Oil: When Activated, it releases oil at the back of your car, enemies that goes through the oil will be slowed.
Front, Back and Side Cannon: It fires to it's intended direction with cannon balls.
Rail Gun: Shoots a powerful energy beam across the map.

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