Gang War Mafia Cheats: 5 Best Tips For PvE, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Gang War Mafia by Skylight Technologies for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

5 PvE Game Mode Tips for Gang War Mafia 

Gang War Mafia Tip #1: Ammunition.
Ammunition in all game modes except "PvE Mode" isn't really a big problem, because you can easily buy, loot it from other players or Refill it through ammo crates.
However in PvE Mode, it is necessary to have a good amount of ammo if you want to survive and kill enemies.
The only way to refill your ammunition is to refill it through ammo crates.
Be careful when refilling an ammunition from crate because it takes about 5 seconds to successfully refill.
Since you need 5 seconds to successfully refill an ammo from the ammo crate, you will be vulnerable to enemies because you can't shoot them and you need to be in front of the crate while holding the ammo refill button for 5 seconds.
Receiving enemy's damage while attempting to complete the 5 seconds rule won't interrupt, but you are more vulnerable from enemies attacks.

Gang War Mafia Tip #2: Jumping.
Enemies and Players has the same movement speed, out-running enemies would be impossible to do.
However enemies can't jump and you need to jump through certain areas because they can't go directly to the path where you've jumped.
Enemies can't run directly to a certain areas without going to alternative route.
Jump smartly to escape safely from them, specially with enemy mobs and just go to the crates for ammo refill.

Gang War Mafia Tip #3: Teammates.
You can Refill ammo in crates easily if you cooperate with your teammates.
Even if you have only 1 teammate but if you cooperate with him/her, refilling ammunition will be much easier.
If you have stranger teammates to start with, it is much better to talk and strategize first at the game lobby before you start the game.
Enemies will attack nearby players, they will change target when there is a player/teammate nearest to them.
Therefore you can pass the enemies to the other players/teammates and use that strategy by making enemies change target and safely go to the crate to refill ammo.
But it takes team cooperation to do it successfully while receiving enemies damage as low as possible.

Gang War Mafia Tip #4: Enemy Snipers.
Quickly takeout enemy snipers as fast as you and your teammates can, when after the wave starts!
They can hit you from above with ease and they can still hit you even if you are running too fast.
If you and your teammates assign each other for possible sniper's spawn areas, it would be much easier to kill snipers quickly.

Gang War Mafia Tip #5: Headshots.
Headshots deals high damage output because it amplifies your gun damage output.
You can also save more ammunition when doing headshots because it takes only 1 or few bullets to kill a single enemy.
If you are facing or being chased by an enemy mob, just aim at their neck area and fire them if you have an automatic rifle.
Most of your shot will land at their head because automatic rifle has recoil and thus your aim sometimes will go up and can land more headshots from it.

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