Light of Aiaran Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Light of Aiaran for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Light of Aiaran Tip #1: Battle: Status Effects
Status effects are beneficial or harmful conditions that affect your Heroes in battle, often caused by a Hero’s passive and active Abilities, as well signature Abilities. These effects can vary from permanent to temporary buffs or debuffs. For example, Linked Node buffs in the Alliance Mission feature provide permanent buffs. Some triggers in battle will spawn specific status effects.
You may view these effects as they appear under your Hero’s or your opponent’s Health bar along with a cooldown meter indicating when the effects will wear off, if applicable.

An ideal lighter wielding an imposing blade.
Warriors specialize in melee combat using massive broadswords.
They boast explosive attack skills and an amazing capacity for survival represented by their high defense and HP.

A cold-blooded destroyer and controller of the elements.
Mages channel the power of nature and use destructive magic to launch continuous and wide-ranging attacks on enemy forces.

A precise and powerful battle master.
Rangers. veterans of many battles are agile fighters who make use of their long range abilities to accurately target enemies from a safe distance.

The name of the Status Effect will also sometimes appear on or around the Heroes. These are different kinds of effects that you may come across:

Light of Aiaran Tip #2: BENEFICIAL STATUS EFFECTS (Buffs).
Trigger Rate Increases the likelihood that random chance abilities will trigger.
Armor Buff Increasing Armor Rating, reducing damage from incoming attacks.
Attack Buff Increased Attack Rating for all attacks.
Crit Damage Buff Increases the bonus damage applied by critical attacks
Ranged Damage Buff Increases Attack Rating for Projectile Attacks only
Melee Damage Buff Increases Attack Rating for Melee Attacks only
Evade Melee Passive Automatically dodges in order to avoid an incoming melee attack.
Evade Ranged Passive Automatically sidesteps in order to avoid an incoming ranged attack
Shield A buff that reduces incoming damage for the next X hit(s)
Precision Raises Critical Rate and lowers enemy Evasion.
Armor Penetration A percentage of the enemies' Armor Rating is ignored.
Power Burn Subtracts Power instantly and then deals damage based on the amount subtracted.
Power Gain Gains power over time.
Power Rate Buff Gains additional power when fighting.
Crit Rate Buff Increases Critical Rate, increasing the likelihood of an attack being critical.
Special Damage Buff Increases Attack Rating for Special Attacks only. Consumed upon activating a special.
Purify Removes debuffs.
Repair Recovers X Health over Y seconds.
Energy Resistance Reduces incoming damage from energy attacks, such as lasers, electricity, or fire.
Physical Resistance Reduces incoming damage from physical attacks such as punches, kicks, or blades.
Reflect Projectile Reflect the opponent's incoming projectiles.
Sacrifice Physical Sacrifice Physical Resistance in order to boost Energy Resitance.
Sacrifice Energy Sacrifice Energy Resistance in order to boost Physical Resitance.
Self-Diagnostics While this buff is on, Ratchet gains Health, Power but loses a little bit of attack.
NO ICON Taunt Increases the likelihood that the enemy will activate a Special Attack.
Unblockable The attack breaks through a Blocking opponent.
Unstoppable Buff A Buff that ignores hit reactions, but still takes damage.

Light of Aiaran Tip #3: HARMFUL STATUS EFFECTS (Debuffs).
Acid Debuff A corrosive acid deals damage over time.
Armor Break Decreases Armor Rating, increasing damage taken from attacks. Also removes Armor Up.
Attack Debuff Decreases Attack Rating, causing attacks to dish out less damage.
Bleed Deals direct damage over time. Literally "Bleeding" Energon from their "tubes".
Buff Block Prevents Buffs from activating.
Crit Damage Debuff Decreases the bonus damage applied by critical attacks.
Crit Rate Debuff Decreases Critical Rate, decreasing the likelihood of an attack being critical.
Special Damage Debuff Decreases Attack Rating for Special Attacks only. Consumed upon activating a special.
Repair Block Prevents any health recovery.
Burn Deals Energy (Heat) Damage over time.
Nullify Removes buffs.
Power Drain Subtracts Power instantly.
Power Leak Drains Power over time.
Power Lock Freezes the Power Bar, preventing any new Power from being acquired.
Poison Deals direct damage over time.
Backfire Deals damage if a Special Attack is used.
Ranged Damage Debuff Decreases Attack Rating for Projectile Attacks only.
Shock Energy (Shock) Damage over time. Often influences abilities that inflict Stun or Power Drain.
Stun Prevents the target from moving or performing any action.
Cement Debuff A "super stun" that stuns, power locks, heal blocks, and reduces ability triggers.

Light of Aiaran Tip #4: Auto Play Battle.
Players have the chance to activate auto play before or during a fight. Right now, this includes Event Missions and Story Missions.
How does auto play work?
The feature can be activated right before the fight, in your battle tab.
You will also have the chance to turn the auto battle mode on while in battle.
Make sure that you tap on the button only once, to make sure that it has been activated correctly. If the button does not light up immediately, give it a second.
Remember that you will not be able to control your hero while this mode is on. The system might be unable to block certain attacks that you would have otherwise predicted based on your knowledge, strategy, and experience.
You should take the difficulty of the fight into consideration before activating this feature!

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