Shiny Ski Resort Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Ski, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Shiny Ski Resort by Kairosoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

In this ski resort management simulation game you will be running a hotel and expanding a ski course. Introduce new facilities to draw in more guests and make skiing the most popular sport ever!
Add various facilities to your hotel to make it more popular and get more guests.
Research new products and develop land to expand your resort and conquer the rankings.

Shiny Ski Resort Tip #1: Guest.
As your hotel popularity and customer base grow, you will get more guests.
Guests who stay only one day will ski alter using the lockers.
Overnight guests will use the guest rooms first.
In the Hotel: Guests get changed in the locker rooms, then go skiing.
On their way back they may use facilities like shops.
You can determine the paths they take by laying down carpets.
On the Ski Course: Guests take the ski lift to an elevation they're comfortable with based on their skill level.
They earn EXP alter skiing. If their HP reaches 0, they'll fall over.
Broadening Customer Base: Research and build new facilities to encourage new guests to come.

- HP: Becomes depleted when skiing.
- Skill: The higher it is, the faster a guest can ski. Slows down HP depletion.
- Appeal: The higher the appeal, the more the guest buys at shops, and the more EXP they get.
- Funds: Needed to use facilities.
- Interest: Affects how quickly the guest's Skill and Appeal increase.
Interest increases when making use of facilities in the hotel.
- Foodi/Drink: Guests become hungry or thirsty when their food/drink gauges are empty, and are then more likely to head to restaurants and food stores. HP recovers when gauge is full.
- Satisfaction: Funds go up when maxed

Shiny Ski Resort Tip #2: Hotel Facilities.
- Fee: The amount of money you get when a guest uses a facility.
- Maintenance: The maintenance cost paid at the end of each month.
- Popularity: How attractive the facility is to the guests.
- Appeal: Increases guests‘ Interest.
-  Bonus: Gain extra money based on Popularity and Appeal.
- Interest in Facilities: The higher the gauge, the more likely guests are to use the facility, and the more satisfied they will be with it.
- Compatibility: Compatibility with other facilities affects Interest.
- Combos: Certain combinations of facilities increase Fees and Appeal

Shiny Ski Resort Tip #3: Upgrades.
Once you reach a certain rank, you will be able to upgrade facilities using materials, increasing their Fee and Popularity.
You can make new products for your shops. Products level up after a certain amount is sold.
Once you construct the Upgrader, you will be able to upgrade skis, enhancing their stats and increasing the rental fee.
The farther the lift goes, the better the Course Vibe. Lift type affects which stats it boosts.
Having multiple lifts has the best effect.

Shiny Ski Resort Tip #4: Ski Course.
Guests gain more EXP on longer ski courses, but if they get too cold, their HP will go down fast.

Guests will lose a lot of HP in bad weather.
It helps if there are areas where they can rest and recover HP on the course.

- Ski Jump: Gives EXP to Appeal.
- Floodlights Light up the course at night, preventing accidents.
- Netting: Keeps guests away. If it's in the way, guests may become entangled and fall.
- Statues: Afiect the Course Vibe Get upgrade points when guests pass by.

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