Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Puzzle Matches, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids by Disney/Lucas Film/Genera for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Tip #1: Lives Refill.
There are different options to refill your Lives bar. You can use items, or wait for an automatic refill.

Automatic Lives Refill
You Lives will be replenished over time. Each automatic Lives Refill takes 6 minutes after the first refill.

Lives Refills
In order to use Lives Refills you will need to be out of Lives. Once you reach 0 Lives, a popup will appear, and you will be able to choose from your available Lives Refills.

There are two types of Lives Refills currently in the game.
Lives Refills completely restore all of your Lives.
Alliance Help requests

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Tip #2: Asking for Help.
You can also ask your Alliance for Help once every 6 hours for Mission Help. Each time an Alliance member helps you, you gain 1 Lives.

You can monitor the progress of your Help ReMission in your Alliance tab under “Help”. You can view the details of your requests and see how many of your Alliance members have already contributed.

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Tip #3: Puzzle Matches.

Match 3.
Swipe to match 3 circuits of the same color.

Power Surge.
Match 4 circuits in a straight line to create a Power Surge
Match the Power Surge to clear an entire row or column.

Match 5 circuits in a T or L shape to create an Electroshock special.
Match the Electroshock to clear all eight circuits around it. It also then clears the next eight circuits around it.

Match 4 circuits in a square to create a Magnet special.
Match the Magnet to clear one circuit or blocker that brings you closer to your goal.

Match 5 circuits in a straight line to create an EMP special.
Match the EMP to clear all circuits with the same color.

Match Special circuits together to unleash powerful combinations!

Tap on a circuit or blocker to remove it

Tap on a circuit to clear the entire row and column.

Ion Blaster.
Tap on a circuit and all circuits of that color will be cleared.

BB-8's Torch.
Draw and connect 5 circuits on the board to clear them.

Versus Battles.
Beat your enemies by transforming their red tiles into blue tiles.
You can Stun them by creating Special Tiles. but be careful, because enemies can Stun you as well.

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