Brick Slayers Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Slayers, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Brick Slayer by 111% for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Brick Slayers Tip #1: The Archer.
The Archer is one of the best (slayers) characters in the game.
Archer can summon an extra ball when she hits any of her main balls.
Archer's ability is powerful when you don't have other slayers in the battlefield, as you can create a lot of extra balls at very fast rate and destroy bricks and enemies easily.
These extra balls has an equivalent damage of your 20% main ball's damage.
Your main ball's damage depends on your "ball's damage power up" multiplied by the amount of "physical damage power up".

Brick Slayers Tip #2: Extra Ball.
Since Archer can produce an extra ball, having an archer as your only slayer in the battlefield is recommended.
To create an extra ball at very fast rate, you just need to tap and hold the screen and avoid moving.
Your main ball will just go up and bounce to any brick or wall and will go down perfectly straight back to your slayer. That cycle won't stop unless it hits an enemy or an obstacle created by the enemy.
If you create or produce a lot of extra balls in the battlefield, those bricks and enemies will be pulverized.

Brick Slayers Tip #3: Choosing the Right Card.
When you beat any levels of the game, a choices of three random cards (power ups) will appear.
There are 6 Cards in the game.
Ball Damage = Increase your ball damage by 10.
Physical Damage = Increase the Physical Damage multiplier by 1.
Magic Damage = Increase the Magic Damage multiplier by 1.
The Heal = Heals 45% Health Point of all of your available slayers in the battlefield.
Specific Slayer = Receive Specific Slayer.
Random Slayer = Receive Random Slayer.

Choose Damage Cards as soon as possible.
There are two damage type in the game, magic and physical.
If you want to follow the tip #1 and #2 or if you want to have a full set of physical or magic slayers in the game, just choose Damage Cards.
It is recommended to have a single damage type for all of your slayers in the battlefield.

Only use "The Heal Card" when you have 0-30% Health Points left.
A slayer that has a good amount of damage with low health points is much better than having a slayer that has a full health with low amount of damage.

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