Epic Cards Battle 2 (ECB 2) Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Cards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Epic Cards Battle 2 (ECB 2) by momoStorm Entertainment for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Epic Cards Battle 2 [ECB 2] is on online TCG in which player plays as a summoner who can summon powerful cards and use tactical strategy to battle opponents.
Each card in the game is unique and carefully designed with magnificent artwork.
ECB 2 adopts the technology of one single global server to enable players all around the world to join the battles together without dividing players by regions or by servers.

Players can either play in solo [Campaign] or PVP modes to against other players. Each game mode requires different strategies and there are social in-game features that allow players to play and make friends anywhere in the world.

ECB 2 Tip #1: Core Strategy Play.
Cards in ECB 2 are divided into three categories: Creature. Spell and Trigger.
Each category has unique characteristics as well as faster or slower activation times.
Moreover, attack and armor types will also affect how well each card performs.
Each card's unique ability enables countless number of strategy choices.
ECB 2 is strongly focused on card combinations and countermeasures.
There is no single strongest deck, only the strongest summoner.

The game has several different modes. Players who like PVE can conquer different difficulties in campaign quests and get lots of rewards.
Players who prefer PVP can compete with players from around the globe at any time.
There is also the casual Classic Mode, the fair and balanced Arena and the challenging Ladder
The game also has Guild and guild War systems which let players fight for the honor of their guilds.

ECB 2 Tip #2: Card Type.
There are 3 basic card types:
Creature -
The main force in a player's army. They are the fighters who deal
direct damage to enemy Creature cards. A Creature Card will be
removed from the battlefield if its hit points reach 0.
Spell -
Actively trigger an effect when activated.
The effect can be anything from healing to attacking. enhancing or weakening attributes. or a number of other special effects.
Trigger -
Similar to Spell Card's function but is only activated when a certain condition is met.
Thus the effect is more pertinent and powerful. Can also be called Trap Card.

ECB 2 Tip #3: Faction.
Faction ls the overall race, force or region that the cards belong
to. It's also an important card attribute variable in battle.
There are currently 6 factions in game:

Shrine Alliance.
Alliance formed of angels from heaven, human and dwarf lorces.
Believing in the power of Shrine. humans have built many great cities, always under the protection of angels. The brave human and dwarfs protect their homeland together.

Nature Force.
Formed by elves, wild animals and other creatures from the forest
They defend the mother earth and show no mercy towards those who destroy the balance of nature.

Hell Legion.
A legion or demons. undead and unholy monsters.
Evil power existing since the cosmos came into existence. they bring war to all lands.

Fanstiya Empire.
A far away mysterious empire. There are a lot of cute female characters in this faction.

Dynasty Rising.
Legendary ancient kingdom from the east with very different cultures from the west continent.

Dragon Descent.
Dragons were the dominant force in ancient centuries.
Their ancestors paid for their excessive arroganoe, and now they are back to claim their throne.

Origin of Dragon Descent: Their ancestors once dominated the lands tor tens of thousands of years. When other races rose, dragons had been a great threat to their survival and they formed alliance against the dragon race. The battle lasted for a long time. the dragons were
overwhelming at the beginning but due to their natural low.

ECB 2 Tip #4: Rarity.
Rarity is represented in each card's border style and color. and determines how rare it is to obtain.
Higher rarity cards usually have a small advantage over lower rarity cards. However, this advantage can be overcome by the combination of other cards’ abilities and different advanced attributes.
Rarity from most common to most rare:
Silver -> Golden-> Diamond -> Legend -> Epic.

ECB 2 Tip #5: CAP.
CAP represents card advantage points:
Silver: 3
Golden: 4
Diamond: 5
Legend: 7
Epic: 10
CAP is also affected by card level.

ECB 2 Tip #6: Cooldown.
Each card has its own cooldown time measured in seconds.
Creature! Spell cards activate immediately when their cooldown reaches 0.
Trigger cards will enter a ready state [a rotating rune effect will appear on top of it] when their cooldown reaches 0.
Once in ready state, it will activate as soon as a specific condition is met.
After the card activates, the countdown will start over.

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