Deck Warlords Cheats: Codes & 3 Best Tips for Cards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Deck Warlords by Running Pillow for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Deck Warlords Tip #1: Main Campaign and Obtaining Items.
There are many quests you can accomplish and there are 15 levels in each quest.
There will be a treasure at the end as you entered the last level of each quests.
These treasures will improve your deck for you to prepare for the next quests.

You can get rewards when you win a single level. Rewards value depends on what level and the difficulty of the level are.
Aside from getting rewards such as cards, coins, gems and experience by a chance, you'll also get fixed Tribute Bonus but you only get it once per level.
Each battle costs 4 foods, you can go to previous levels to obtain specific cards if you want to improve it.
You don't get cards only by winning battles, you can also draw them in "Draw Cards".

Deck Warlords Tip #2: Slash vs Claws.
Slash is unlocked at the start of the game, and it is effective in first chapter.
Slash card can kill enemies with 1-3 hits in the first chapter, and due to its 3 low mana cost, it is efficient on killing enemies fast.
However when you upgrade it, it will be weaker than other upgraded cards with the same level of it, specially the "Claws" card.

Slash after the first chapter are generally used as a backup offensive card and to finish enemies with low health points, there are many cards that can be replaced slash as your offensive card such as Claws, Bull's Eye, Ice bolt and Vampiric Bite.
Slash best alternative card is the "Claws" card. At level 5, Slash has a damage output of 8 while having a 13% critical rate and 3 mana cost.

Claws card has a damage output of 7 while having a 10 % critical rate and 2 mana cost.
Aside from their almost similar damage output and critical rate, Claws card can hit up to 2 enemies as long as their are close to each other and on the same row.
A potential 14 damage output from a 2 mana cost card!
Claws can do anything what Slash can do for 1 less damage and more importantly 1 less mana cost.
"Claws" card is still effective than Slash when using it on a single enemy, and it will be more effective when used on two enemies at the same time.

Deck Warlords Tip #3: Claws vs Arrows.
Only the Arrows card can exceed the potential or maximum output damage of Claws card.
Arrows level 5 can deal up to 18 damage output when hitting 6 enemies of it's radius.
The big difference between Arrows and Claws is Claws can deal concentrated damage to a single or two enemies at the same time. Remember, more enemies in the battlefield means more potential enemy damage output you will get. Claws will finish enemies faster than Arrows and you will encounter more enemies that are paired compared to an enemy mob that are grouped with 4 or more enemies.
Claws card is the best cheap mana cost offensive card in the game.

Deck Warlords Redeem Codes: "newbie" and "secret".

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