Dino Factory Cheats: Friend Codes & 5 Best Tips for Dino, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dino Factory for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dino Factory Tip #1: Creating Dino.
Dino requires several steps to reach adulthood.
Continue to raise it, until it moves further on the assembly line.
Tapping them is important to reach the next each parts.
As the Dino moves along the assembly line, it frees space to build a new one.
Each part requires different amounts of working points to be completed.
When a part takes too long to be built, you can use a speed up.
There're many ways to improve building speed you can upgrade workers, hire more staff, upgrade your factory and many more.
Complete it up so you can sell it in your dealership.
The dealership is on the right of your factory.
Before we can release a Dino to customers we need to perform a quality check.
The quality influences your image and will directly impact the profit you can make per Dino.

Dino Factory Tip #2: Mystery Dino.
When a Dino is locked, you'll be given information on how to unlock it.
Each Dino requires different objectives to be unlocked, you can discover about it in Mastery Dino information.
You can tap on an objective to quickly access a way to achieve it.
Discuss with your friends on how to unlock them all. Some Dino's are very rare and you'll need some help.

Dino Factory Tip #3: Selling Dino.
Once a Dino is built, you can still add options to it. Customers love options!
This is a good way to increase a vehicle demand and reduce setting time.
New options can be researched at the lab.
You can reduce or increase the selling price, it will impact your profit and the demand accordingly.
Lowering the price boost demand, increasing the price boost profit but increased setting time.

Dino Factory Tip #4: Donuts.
You can be more donuts for your workers, and increase your donuts bar size to get more daily free donuts.
Increasing your donuts bar offers you a free full refill of donuts!
You can level up your workers by feeding them with donuts in the worker details menu. Simply double tap on a worker.

Dino Factory Tip #5: Worker Details.
Each worker is unique and is defined by 4 main attributes.
Quality: Defines the quality of the work, it will directly impact your profit per Dino.
Work Point (WP): The stronger it is, the faster the Dino is built.
Stamina: How much work point a worker can produce before it requires a donut.
Speed: How fast a worker get to his task.
Your workers can progress and level up it if you feed them.
It will boost the worker performance and you can use more items to boost your worker's performance,

Dino Factory Friend Code: rareworker (Gives a Rare Worker)

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