Quest Cards Cheats: Codes & 3 Best Tips for Decks, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Quest Cards by Running Pillow for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Quest Cards Tip #1: Gameplay.
Encounter deck is the deck of all encounters you might encounter on your adventure.
Your Health Point will depends on your current level. Higher Level means Higher Health Points.
Your Equip cards are those cards that are picked or obtained from your encounter deck. You can only use your equip cards in the battle.
To be able to cast or deploy your card in battlefield, it requires specific mana points. Mana regenerates with time.
Your task is to kill all enemies in the battlefield. While your task to finish a chapter is to defeat the chapter's boss.
When casting a card, you can tap the card and tap the enemy or an area if it has an aoe radius or you can also drag the card to the enemy or an area.
You can get more info about your enemies by tapping the info button on top.
Don't worry if you got knocked out by an enemy or enemies, it will happen many many more times before you can beat the chapter boss.
But look at the bright side, you may obtain a chest and some gold. Also do not hesistate to open the free chests.
There are always some equip cards locked in each chest. By collecting them you can get new weapons, skills and spells or you can upgrade those you already have.
Just explore, open chests, set off for one adventure after another and gather more and more cards and gold.

Quest Cards Tip #2: Best Card in the Game.
Electrocution is the cheapest mana card in the game currently. It only cost 1 mana and you can easily cycle the card back on your encounter deck.
You can use it multiple times throughout the game. It can stun a single enemy, stunned enemy temporarily stop it's attack countdown.
It deals minimal damage but what you get is the stun ability and to be able to cycle your cards back to your encounter deck rapidly.
It is very good to use as a combo with another card when you currently have low card pool or low equip cards pool in a chapter played.
It is deadly when it's used with a low mana cost card because you can quickly casts or deploy cards as fast as you can.
Vampiric Bite is also good with electrocution when it comes to regain some health points specially when the enemies is at low numbered already.
You can also finish enemies that has very low health point to save mana points for other enemies.
Electrocution is no doubt the best card in the game, similar to the op days of zap in clash royale.

Quest Cards Tip #3: Fast Cycle Deck.
Fast Cycle Deck has a lot of advantage, you can use many cards in battles, due to it's low mana cost required.
You can also use heavy damage cards when it is only needed, to finish annoying and dangerous enemies, because you can cycle back to your heavy damage cards.
You can also regain some health points if you have the Vampiric Bite on your Gain Deck.
You can choose a lot of cards to be casted or deployed on enemies because you can easily cycle your deck.
You can almost do a perma-stun when you face a lone enemy in the battlefield.
You can eliminate enemy mobs easily because you can cast cheap aoe cards.
It is recommended to spend your coins on upgrading your cheap mana cost cards specially the electrocution card and wisely spend your coins on other heavy mana cost cards.

Quest Cards Redeem Codes: newbie & qcgems.

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