Wuxia Legends Cheats: Gift Codes & 5 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Wuxia Legends by MobGame for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Wuxia Legends Tip #1: Improve Cards!
Gain Card: You can build up your team through quests, summons and much more ways.
Card Level Up: You can level up cards through dojo or the use of exp pills.
Card Elevate: Elevation stones can greatly improve your cards stats.
Card Skill: Spend Skill points to improve your skills.
Card Evo: You can gain ginseng through five elements formation.
Card Relations: You can gain roses through the thousand level towers.
Card Fate: Cards have fate that provide bonuses. Seek them out!
Card Chain Skill: Cards can form bonds that allow them to trigger special attacks.
Card Form: Change Card forms, set team leaders, every card have their own special leader skills.
Card Cheer: The better your cheering station is the more buffs you will receive.

Wuxia Legends Tip #2: Obtaining Powerful Equipment.
Eqb Gain: You can gain equipment through quest, summons and team quests.
Eqb Strengthen: Spend silver to strengthen your equipment.
Equipment Strengthen: Disassemble equipment to gain equipment essence. Use equipment essence to strengthen equipment.
Equipment Temperament: Turn equipment into resources that improve the stars of equipment, when an equipment is elevated it's stats will improve.
Equipment Mastery: Bonus can be activated when special requirements have been met.

Wuxia Legends Tip #3: Earn Gems.
Gain Treasure: Treasure offers a great amount of stats.
Treasure Strengthen: Treasures can be leveled up through essence of everything and or treasure essence.
Treasure Disassembling: Treasure can be disassembled into treasure essence.
Gem Obtained: You can buy gems in fame shop and other activities.
Elevation: Combine lower gems into higher level gems.

Wuxia Legends Tip #4: Gain Sycee.
Charge: Charge to gain massive prizes.
Fame Shop: Spend fame to gain sycee.
OL Reward: Stay online to gain rewards.
Growth Fund: Purchase growth fund to gain massive rewards.
Target: Finishing certain targets to gain rewards.
Invite Gift: Invite players to gain rewards as they level up.

Wuxia Legends Tip #5: Controls.
Click the frame to control the battle.
Click an enemy to lock the target, if you don't use manual lock, the target will be locked automatically.
Try to slide from left to right, it can trigger total attack,
Attacking enemy will get energy, you can use unique skill when the energy is full.
You will get red hearts possibly when you attack which will restore your HP.
The more you get, the more points you will restore.

Wuxia Legends Gift Code: newserver (for new servers only).

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