CarX Highway Racing Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Racing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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CarX Highway Racing Game by CarX Technologies for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

CarX Highway Racing Tip #1: Pink Slip & Perfect Start.
This means that you will be betting your current car.
If you lose the Pink Slip bet, you lose the car. If you win a Pink Slip bet, you'll win your opponent's car.

Three things are taken into account: whether the RPM needle is in the green zone when starting the car, the speed of the car when crossing the starting line, and the amount of time between receiving the "GO" sign and actually crossing the starting line.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #2: Blueprints.
These are special rewards that act as pieces of cars.
After obtaining a certain number of Blueprints for any given car, you can then complete that car and receive it.

Make sure that you've checked for them in your Inventory and tapped the
CLAIM icon in order to get the car. If the icon is only partially visible, you
still don't have the number of Blueprints required for that specific car.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #3: Driver's Rating & City Location.
This is a Multiplayer rating based on your skill as a player.
This number can go up or down as a result of your wins, losses against other players, and other players‘ skill ratings.

After New York, each additional city requires a certain number of Subscribers.
Gain more Subscribers to increase your total by racing in both the Single Player and Multiplayer game modes.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #4: Subscribers.
Your number of subscribers is a good indicator of your progress in the game; they are gained by playing any of the game modes.
The subscriber number is used as an unlock condition for a few game modes and locations.
Reaching certain thresholds provides you with a reward.
You can view your progress and collect these rewards by visiting the REWARDS tab in the Player Proļ¬le.
You can access your Player Profile by tapping your avatar in the top bar.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #5: Upgrade Car & Stages.
You'll need to access the UPGRADE section via the UPGRADE icon in the top bar of the race lobby, or from the UPGRADE icon located in the bottom bar of the Garage.
There you'll need to select the upgrade component and purchase an upgrade stage using CASH. You can speed up the upgrade delivery by watching an ad or using DIAMONDS.

Each component affects a car's stats differently.
The early (STAGE 1 & STAGE 2) stages increase the car's stats progressively, while choosing a PRO tuning stage affects those stats to different extents.
For example, you can choose to focus on Torque or Weight depending on which you want to improve more.

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