ToyKart Cheats: Coupon Codes & 6 Best Tips for Kart, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Toy Kart Game by PlayPark/Asia Soft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

ToyKart Tip #1: Grand Prix Racing.
Grand Prix has rookie, junior and license mode.
Rookie has 22 stages,
junior has 5 cups of different difficulty levels and each cup has it's sub stages.
License mode has 6 license stages. You must acquire each license to have better grade of karts.
Quick race will be unlocked in Rookie and junior modes after clearing the stage with 3 stars.
Using Quick Race direct you to the result screen immediately to receive rewards and exps.
Rookie mode gives exp oil, kart parts, tickets, sun fury pieces and etc.
Junior mode gives kart pieces, quick race tickets, exp oil, component pieces, tickets and etc.

ToyKart Tip #2: Infinite Mode.
New missions are available in infinite mode every day.
All stages and records will be reset at 00:00 every day.
There are 50 stages in all and the order changes every day.
The number of karts you have determines the number of plays you can do (1 kart = 2 plays).
Engine parts are given as reward from infinite mode only.

ToyKart Tip #3: Multi-Player Racing.
In multi player mode, max 6 players can join in a race together and it has single and team matches.
Each of single and team matches can choose either item or speed mode.
You can either create a room by yourself or press Quick Start to join a room to be able to start a game.
Quick Start lets you create a room to race.
After creating a room, you can invite your online friend to the room to play together.

ToyKart Tip #4: User level and Kart Crafting.
User level grows by playing grand prix mode.
The max number of tickets you can have increases over your levels.
Each license grade requires a certain level to be able to challenge it.
For you to craft a new kart, you have to collect the kart's pieces.
You can craft the kart by collecting all the required kart pieces and paying gold.
Kart pieces are available from Grand Prix as reward of mission clearing.

The kart you create at first is one start kart.
To upgrade a kart star grades, the kart has to reach it's max level before you can upgrade by using kart pieces and gold.
List of kart star grades and their max levels are explained in Kart level up tool tip.
When your kart star grade becomes higher, you required to have the upgraded kart's license to use.

ToyKart Tip #5: Pet Gatcha & Item Gatcha.
Spending Gold Diamonds allows you to draw a pet.
Pet passive skills are random.
Spending Diamonds gives a higher chance to draw a pet with better passive skills.

Spending Gold Diamonds can draw a part and a piece.
Spending Diamonds allows you to draw higher grades of kart parts.
Kart piece, 6 kinds of kart parts, exp oil and quick race tickets are available from gatcha.
Buying 10 at a time gives the highest chance to get great parts.

Toy Kart Tip #6: Other Tips.
Garage: You can manage your kart/character/tire/pet/other items here.
Upgrading or selling can be done here with other  different materials that you earned from playing races.
Shop: You can buy stuff that are useful to your play. there are other items, pet, and other gatchas too.
Battle mode:You can earn points from winning the races. Stack points form the selected track to hold the cup.
Ranking: Rankings of mind and others are displayed here.
Rankings for Grand Prix, multiplayer, Infinite Mode are available.
Friend: You can make friends in the game and view/add/delete friend at your friend list.
You can enjoy multiplay mode with your friends from the list and exchange mails as well.
Mission.: Various missions are available in Single Play and Infinite Mode.
You can check out missions info in progression here.
Mail.; You can send and receive mails here.
Rewards you earned from racing are sometimes mailed to you.

Toy Kart Coupon Code: Newbie.

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