Combat Squad Cheats: Redeem Codes & 6 Best Tips for FPS, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Combat Squad Game by A-33 Studio Co., Ltd. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Combat Squad Tip #1: Planting Bombs in Demolition Game Mode.
When you are playing offence in Demolition game mode, there are two ways to plant the bomb.
Do it yourself: Move to the bomb site then hold down the Plant button until the bomb is planted.
The Plant button will appear when you enter the bomb site.
Command your Squad members to plant the bomb: An agent from your squad may ask for your permission to plant the bomb.
When asked, you can get your squad member to try to plant the bomb by pressing the yes button.

Combat Squad Tip #2: Ladder System.
The Rank Banner, Ladder Points shows your skill levels based on your wins and defeats against other players.
There are 5 Rank tiers and each tier consists of 5 levels.Each user is placed on a Rank Tier based on their ladder points and each game you win will earn you Ladder Points while each defeat will decrease it.

Combat Squad Tip #3: Aiming/Shooting.
There are 3 types of aiming system used in Combat Squad depending on the type of the weapon.
Manual type: aiming and shooting is done manually by the player.
Auto type: shoots when the crosshair is pointed at the target.
Zone type: aim tracking and shooting is done automatically when the target is placed inside the aiming zone.

Combat Squad Tip #4: Behaviour SC.
Behaviour SC (score) is a past record of player's credibility and commitment to matches against other players.
The score can range from -100 to 100. High Behaviour SC means that the player has a good track record of staying in multiplayer matches till the end, whereas Low Behaviour SC (eg. below 0) would mean the player had quit during multiplayer matches many times in the past.

Combat Squad Tip #5: KDA Score.
KDA Score is a measure of a player's performance in matches against other players.
It is calculated based on the player's kills, assists, and deaths in multiplayer game modes.
The highest score that can be achieved is 10.

Combat Squad Tip #6: AI Ability.
The AI Ability stats affect the agent's combat ability when it is not being controlled by the player.
Shooting Ability : the agent's ability to shoot
Reaction Time : the speed in which the agent is able to react when confronted by an enemy.
Tactical Knowledge : the agent's ability to execute tactical commands and to report in.
Tactical Movement : the agent's ability to position themselves for combat.

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