Sword Knights Cheats: Coupon Codes & 6 Best Tips for Swords, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sword Knights by HoneyDew Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Sword Knights Tip #1: HERO.
You can see Heroes currently participating in a battle and List of Summoned Heroes.
Fusion : You can collect material heroes and It can be made as a higher class hero through fusion.
You can see the hero's information by touching the hero in the main page or by touching the hero in the hero info tab.
There are Join/Withdraw, Level up, Prestige, Ability.
In hero info, you can wear or unequip the equipment.

Sword Knights Tip #2: Mystic Tavern.
there are normal summon, premium summon and summon for events.
Level on the left : When you summon a hero, the summon level is increased. The higher the level, the higher the chance of meeting a higher class hero.
Summoning event : The Event button appears during the event and you can proceed you summon the event.
Collecting the lucky cards (golden cards) that appear on the main page battle increases the number of general hero summons.
Hero book : You can see a list of heroes.

Sword Knights Tip #3: Rebirth.
You can rebirth if you go over 60 stages.
You can get soul stones through rebirth, and you can buy artifacts
There are a rebirth with ruby and a general rebirth.
You can get artifacts with soul stones and level up artifacts.

Sword Knights Tip #4: Memory shards.
When you tap hard, memory shards appears.
When memory shards are collected, you can read the memories of each memory shard and you can also get rubies.
Collect all the memories of each hero, and you can get them!

Sword Knights Tip #5: Arena.
You can see the arena by clicking on the first icon in the upper left corner of the game main page.
Arena is PVP content. You can battle with other players who play Memorize.
There are EX, A, B, C, D leagues and if you participate hard you can fight in higher leagues.
The level is fixed, and the battle progresses with ability, evolution, artifact effect.
Every Sunday at midnight the arena's ranking is reset. My ranking league is going down one rank after resetting the ranking.

Sword Knights Tip #6: Dungeon.
You can see the dungeon by clicking on the second icon in the upper left corner of the game main page.
Three dungeons are going on every other day.
The user's level is fixed at 100, and the battle proceeds with command, ability, transcendence, artifact effects.
You can get equipment in the dungeon.

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