Dragonbolt Vanguard Cheats: Daily Codes & 2 Best Tips for Becoming Legend, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dragonbolt Vanguard Tip #1: Magicite.
Magicite is the paid currency of this game. It is easy to come by at the beginning of the game but may become rare as you progress. Here are a few different ways magicite can be earned:

  • Beating new stages (Storyline or Chaos Tower)
  • Daily Code
  • Daily Reward Spin
  • Clicking units with "!" on the home screen
  • Watching Ads

Spending magicite.
Emblems are permanent upgrades that will help you along your Dragonbolt journey. They can increase your max lightning, add more items into the market, and even give your units more exp. Each emblem has 3 levels pricing at 6, 12, and 18 magicite respectively.

Dragonbolt Vanguard Tip #2: Lightning/Energy.
Unlike many other games, lightning (energy) resets at the beginning of each hour. For example, if you spend all your energy at 4:50, all of it will refill at 5:00. NOTE: If lightning isn't refilled, try restarting the app or enter and exit the Bazaar. That should fix the problem and you should have full lightning once again.

Dragonbolt Vanguard Tip #3: More Units.
You can get more units from the market or summoning. When summoning, you are able to pick a "crystal" from six. The color of the crystal determines the color of the unit. If you summoned with 10 magicite (free summon doesn't allow this), you will be given the option to summon the rest of the crystals at a discounted price of 40 magicite. If you want to do this, make sure you have 50 magicite before you start your summon.

Dragonbolt Vanguard Tip #4: Battle system.
If you paid attention to the tutorial you would've known :) For those still confused, here it is quick:
Drag units around to position them
Whichever row you let go your unit on is the row that "battles"
Your front unit attacks the front enemy unit, while the ones behind each of them "support" them
There are much more layers to the system that you will just have to explore yourself.

All units are different and there isn't one unit that is "better" than the rest. Why not take a look at the wiki to compare them?

Dragonbolt Vanguard Tip #5: Reroll.
While many players "reroll" on games similar to this; however, there is very little to gain from doing so. While many may want to summon a 5 star or a banner unit, getting a 5 star isn't hard to do and almost all units can be "mixed" for.

Dragonbolt Daily Codes: Aug 27 = darkfire, 28 = unity, 29 = warlock, 30 = knight, 31 = dirboros.