SuperStar SMTOWN Cheats: Coupon Codes & Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Only the highest scores for each group are rated as top 5.

Your group rating will be determined by the card you have entered.
The higher your group, the higher your score will be.

Group themes are determined by the number of cards of the same pattern.
Collect membership cards with the same theme!

To upgrade a card, you must have one or more cards from the same artist driving to the highest level.

Keep high quality notebook cards even higher.
Show only groups with highest cards.

What's new
Get free gifts every time!
New items await you!
No. 3 mysterious box! Do not miss the opportunity

Open tent festival
Clear all missions for each week.
S card of selected artists!
One for each week!
Max S 4 cards!
Make sure the event ends!
It's time to remove all missions!

SSM anniversary 3 years of work!
It will take 4 weeks!
Celebrate with SSM!
See the activity statement for more details.

My Top 5 scores are not correct. I have a higher score on other songs, but it does not seem to add a top 5 weekly rating.

Your "Top 5 Weekly" is the sum of the top 5 scores of an artist or group. That said, if you get a high score on two songs sung by the same artist or group, the highest score of both points will be added to your "top 5" weekly score.

My card storage is full. what should I do?
Solution 1. You can expand your card storage in the Store menu.
Method 2 You can also throw cards using unnecessary cards as light devices, or you can sell them at rhythm points.
You can not sell the installed card.
If you want to sell them, get rid of the cards you want to sell first.

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