Legend of Solgard Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Puzzle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Solgard Game by King/Snowprint for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Legend of Solgard Tip #1: Attacking Creatures.
Line up 3 creatures of the same color to combine them. When 3 creatures of the same color have been combined in a vertical line, they they turn into an attacking creature, which will attack whatever is in front of it. Remember that you only get 3 moves per turn.

Legend of Solgard Tip #2: Beating any Levels.
To beat a level, you need to shatter the blue ice portal by using your creatures and bring its health down to 0.
Sometimes, one or more frost minions will be standing between your creature and the portal. If your creature’s strength is high enough, it will attack those enemies first and then use its remaining strength to attack the portal. If there's nothing in between your attacking creature and the portal, the creature will attack the portal directly.

Legend of Solgard Tip #3: Creatures won't attack!
After you've combined some creatures, they'll hold instead of attacking right away. You'll see a section hold indicator show up by those creatures.
Each turn a creature holds, you may merge more creatures into it to make it stronger or it might become stronger on its own. Here, a creature's Hold and Growth stats are relevant. Check those out on a creature's sheet, which is accessed from the Collection screen.

Legend of Solgard Tip #4: Creatures Ability.
Each creature has 2 special abilities, but you need to rank them up in order to reach their full powers. Learning how to use your creatures’ special abilities in battle can be crucial to winning battles.
You can read more about special abilities and even try them out after you’ve unlocked them from a creature’s sheet in the collection menu.

Embla and her creatures have numerous skills that define their competence in battle. Creature stats are shown underneath them on their creature sheets and Embla’s skills can also be found on her sheet. Tap on the skill panel on a creature sheet to read more about them.

Legend of Solgard Tip #5: Collecting Creatures.
You collect creatures by finding their Sun Gems. You can get a whole lot of Sun Gems from chests, winning battles, quests, raids and by harvesting the Treasure Caves. Also, be sure to keep a close eye on the Shop, as new Sun Gem offers become available every day.
Remember that you will need quite a few Sun Gems to start using creatures in battle and it’s easier to collect common creatures than rare, epic and legendary.

You need to go to great lengths if you want to collect all available creatures. Most people will collect all the common and rare ones simply by playing, but the epic and legendary ones will be difficult to obtain. Your best bet is to buy chests and Sun Gems in the Shop and climb to the top in all the different game modes.

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