War Planet Online: Global Conquest Guide Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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War Planet Online: Global Conquest Game by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

War Planet Online: Global Conquest Tip #1: Battle Rules.
We follow several rules to ensure that battles are executed as intended.
Rule 1: Individual attack/defense armies can be mixed (attack armies can participate in defense battles and vice-versa).
If you are joining an Ally's attack/defense battle, you are able to join as long you arrive before the battle ends.
It's easier to enter a defense battle because usually allies prefer to be closer together on the world map.
This only works for armies that are in the same Faction.
This rule does not apply for armies from different Factions.
Keep in mind that you have to send your army at the right moment.
If you are too late, your army will start in the second battle instead of the first.

Rule 2: War Planet Online has synchronous battles. The outcomes of battles occur in real time.
If you and your ally send an army but your army arrives first, it may take a large amount of damage before the ally's army arrives.
Even after the ally's army arrives, you may take a lot of losses. Coordinate your attacks/defense with your allies for the best outcome.
When you send a defensive army to help an ally against a rally, but your army enters after the battle is already started, you will enter too late and your ally's army might take a significant amount of damage.
Even if a second Ally then sends a defensive army to help, you may still take a lot of damage, even if you win.
Coordinate your attacks/defense with your allies and try to place your city near your allies for better defense.

Rule 3: Rallies can't be combined with individual attacks.
Rallies always come in waves.
That means that if there are two Rallies, the Rally that comes last must wait until the first one is finished fighting.
Even if you send an individual army that will arrive seconds before the Rally, it must wait until the Rally is finished.
The benefit of a Rally is that combined armies will arrive together and will fight together.
Individual armies can be more powerful, but you can't guarantee that all armies will arrive before the battle is finished, and one of the individual armies could take a heavy amount of damage.
A Rally ensures that all armies will arrive at the same time.

Rule 4: The Reinforcement Garrison has two game mechanics.
Outside reinforcements: Shows how many troops are helping an ally.
Inside reinforcements: Shows how many allied troops are helping you defend your base.
Outside and inside reinforcements show you how many troops are defending, even if they are currently battling.
Until the battle is over, additional defense armies can join.
Armies not sent from the Reinforcement Garrison will be sent back to their Bases after the battle is over.
Only armies sent from the Reinforcement Garrison will stay.

GENERAL NOTE: Keep in mind that rallies are often not the best choice of attack.
Your enemy can activate a protective shield moments before the rally arrives, or call for help from their allies.
You can coordinate attacks with your allies and make attacks that have more power than armies sent via the Operations Room building.
Note that you can't combine your individual attacks with other rallies and vice versa.

War Planet Online: Global Conquest Tip #2: Getting Resources.
There are several ways to get them:
1. In your base, you can build Metal Extractors, Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants. Once you've built them, you can collect resources from them. Upgrade these buildings to increase their output.
2. On the World Map, you can look for randomly spawned resources. Select one of them and tap "Gather" to send a certain amount of your army to occupy the resource and gather from it. The amount of gathered resource depends on the army's Load Capacity.
3. On the World Map, you can look for Elite Mines, which have more resources. To be able to "Gather" from these, you have to be in a Faction and the resources must be in your Faction's territory.
4. Attack Renegade Camps on the World Map.
5. Complete missions.

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