Break Heavens Cheats: Best Tips for Level Up, Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Martial Arts MMORPG Break Heavens brings you an exciting story about the erudite Meng Hao as you unravel the secrets of life in his quest for immortality. Follow the steps of the legends and win lost treasures through dangerous treasure hunts in this vast world.

Do you have the courage and determination to see mythical beasts and formidable warriors on your way to becoming immortal?

Immersive gameplay
Live your search in a vibrant world with a fascinating history.

Connect with others
Join other players, defeat bosses and level up!

26 artifacts
Collect and combine relics to develop unique fighting styles.

12 companion animals
Choose an animal as an ally to obtain leadership in the fight.

Defeat bosses
Fight to the top, face the bosses and win loot!

This game is great, it has many things to do, many elements to get ect. I think wings or glory are a great game. But a small translation problem has to be solved.

I do not agree with the last review that says it is a very affordable place to play. I have not paid anything in cash and it is going very well promoting the whole game. There is also a very rewarding game and game. The graphics are beautiful and I love the SUPPORTS

The "limited time" event does not run ... You must fix it or people will run away from this game. Tip: Add something like "sand" and "cross server event" would be the best for your game.

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