Warrior Saga Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Budo Tower, Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Warrior Saga by Herogame for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Warrior Saga Tip #1: Budo Tower.

The number of guild members should be over 30. The number of guild members whose level is over 30 should be over 25. The guild should have a tech exceeded lvl 1.

The signup time is during 10:00 on each monday, wednesday and friday to 9:00 in the next day, the opponent match will be occur during 9:00 to 10:00 on each tuesday, thursday and saturday. After successfully matched, the battles will take place during 10:00 to 9:00 in the next day.

After sign-up, if the number of guild members is less than 25, the guild will be disqualified. If the number of guild members is less than 25 in the battle day, the guild will admit defeat automatically and the battle will not be started.

The guildmaster or deputy guildmaster can signup for the budo tour at anytime.
Sign up costs 10,000 guild contribution.

After sign-up, the guild master and deputy guildmaster have the right to cancel sign-up.
The cost will be returned in full amount unless it's canceled during the opponent match time.

If you win without any warrior died, you will gain 3 stars. If you win with 1 or 2 warriors died, you will gain 2 stars. If you win with 3 or more warriors died, you will gain 1 star. You won't gain any stars if you lose.

When the defensive player is defeated and the winner gains 3 stars, the defensive player cannot be attacked again.
The one who gained more stars wins. If two have the same stars, it's a draw.

Warrior Saga Tip #2: Guild Wish Pool.

The gifts in wish pool are gained through guild members. Diamonds recharge or activity rewards.

Recharge gifts and activity gifts offer designated vouchers in a limited time. You can use the vouchers to exchange for cool items.

Wishing Coins are gained through opening recharge gifts or activity gifts. Collect wishing coins to gain guild wish gifts. A special wish gift will appear each week. It only costs a few wishing coins.

Higher quality recharge gifts and activity gifts offers more wishing coins.

You can gain wish pool exp through claiming guild wish gifts. Gains wish pool exp to upgrade the wish pool.

A higher level wish pool has a better chance to offer advance guild with gifts.

Warrior Saga Tip #3: Guild Donation.
Donate to gain Contribution and guild currency of the same number. Contribution can be used to buy guild items and packs. Guild currency can be used by the officials to add items. Each donation has a chance to activate diamond donation.

Donate to gain Guild Prosperity. More prosperity unlocks more techs and allows more available daily donations for each member (up to 20 donations). The donations are reset at 5:00 daily.

Donate to gain guild tech exp and upgrade techs. Members can donate to the same tech to boost upgrade.

When a player quit from the guild, the contribution will be kept.

The max daily donations of guild is 30x max daily donations of each member.

Warrior Saga Tip #4: Currency.
Gold can be used to improve skills and equipment. It can be gained in Warrior Arena and Time Trial.
Don't spend all your Gold in one place

The most generally used currency, with many functions. Diamonds can be gained through recharge.
Diamonds are a gamer's best friend.

Crystals can be used to build rooms and donated to your guild. Crystals can be obtained in Warrior arena and Mine Carriages.

Warrior Saga Tip #5: Global Back Card Benefits.
Daily free blood diamonds. Black card users can claim extra diamonds in 30 days.
The longer server time is, the more diamonds for black card users.
Blood diamonds that are unclaimed before creating characters, and before activating the black card will be added to unclaimed diamonds pool.
Re-issued purchasing rewards function will be available after activating black card. You can purchase blood diamonds in unclaimed diamonds pool with a very cheap price!
The re-issued purchasing rewards function can only be used once.

Warrior Saga Tip #6: Lucky Wheel.

You can spin once for free per day. You will gain one more free spin when you login every day, with up to 3 spins. If you have not logged in a day, then the free spins will be reset to 1.

When you reach certain total spins, you can unlock the reward chests to gain extra rewards.

The rankings are based on the total spins. If some players have the same number of spins, the captain who reached the number earlier will rank higher.

The total spins and ranking are reset at 5:00 on each monday.

Redeem Gift Code: warriorsagacbt. (limited time only).