Kubo a Samurai Quest Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Cars, Scores, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Kubo a Samurai Quest for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Kubo's Quest Tip #1: Charms.
Swipe the Charms left to match 3.
Match 4 Charms for a Blast Tile. Match it with two charms of the same color to activate the Blast Tile.
More Charms Destroyed means more Points. And as your score goes up, so does your Star Meter.
Match the Charms to impress villagers and Earn Coins.

Kubo's Quest Tip #2: Origami.
Earn enough coins to create an ORIGAMI PATTERN.
Origami levels cost coins to play but you can create new origami types.
Match Swords in Origami levels to attack.
Enemies fight back! They take turns too.
Match 3 Hearts to restore stamina in Origami levels to wounded origami.
Match 3 Energy Charms in Origami levels to get enough power for special attack!
We use Origami Paper to Play levels! Origami Paper refills over time or you can Refill Instantly with Gems.

Kubo's Quest Tip #3: Origami Position.
Position your Origami strategically, In the first Position, it will fight first.
Putting the weakest origami in first position is the best choice since, it will probably die without casting a single special attack.
Your energy charms will be carried to it's next origami, thus it should cast an special attack powerful than your weakest origami.
You can earn an Origami Box that can be open when it's timer turns 0.
When you find an Origami Creature that you already have, it's Evolution Bar will increase.

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