Lords & Castles Cheats: 8 Quick Tips for Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Lords & Castles for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Walls protect your city. Place two towers next to each other to form a wall.

Cannon Tower
The cannon tower inflicts a lot of damage onto units. It cannot attack flying troops.

The catapult damages all of the units near the ipact area.
It cannot attack units that are close to its launchpad.

If you want to avoid unexpected visits, then there's nothing better than a giant mantrap to trap the invaders.

Archer Tower
The archer tower is a long-range tower. It inflicts damage on a single target at great speed. It can attack flying troops.

Militia Tower
The militia tower defends a sector of your city using soldiers housed inside the tower. It slows down enemy troops.

Anti-Aircraft Tower
The anti aircraft tower is very powerful against flying troops, but it cannot attack ground units.

The trench will make easy work of eliminating enemy troops, but remember that once it's been spotted it'll be easy to avoid.