Action Taimanin Cheats: Tier List Reroll Guide, IGAWA ASAGI Skill Build, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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This Action Taimanin Global Guide is all about IGAWA ASAGI Skills and Tier List Reroll Guide


Skill Slot #1: Senjinka
  • Easy to execute, just hold attack button.
  • Can hit multiple enemies up to 3.
  • Easy to hit enemies with low cooldown
  • Can be used while running
  • You can charge while waiting for a new wave

  • Long charging time (don't charge when the enemy is open for attack, normal attack is (better if it is a single target enemy and vulnerable to attacks)
  • Low damage output (compared to other skills, but charging at the right time is the key)

Charging tips
1. Charge when you are running.
2. Charge when you are waiting for an enemy wave.
3. Charge when there are multiple enemies.

Skill Slot #2: Herinka
  • High damage output
  • Easy to execute with good cooldown
  • You can't be hit by enemies with melee attacks @ ground level, as long as your high enough in the air
  • Can hit multiple enemies (low chance)
  • Execute free "Rakusenka skill' at the end of the combo
  • You can execute hirenka between 1st to the last normal attack
  • Most boss can't be uppercut in the air (there are still some boss that can be uppercut)
  • Stunned enemies can't be uppercut in the air

Skill Slot #3: Taimamin Art
  • Greatly increases your damage output
  • Has good synergy with hirenka due to
  • Extra hits between normal attacks
  • Passive skill, doesnt have cooldown

  • Takes 1 skill slot

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