Pocket Kingdom TD Cheats: Redeem Exchange Code & 5 Best Tips for Dungeon, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pocket Kingdom TD by EYOUGAME(USS) for Android/iPhone (iOS).

Newbie Guide - Dungeon Process

For the new Emperor of “Pocket Kingdom”, some details might be ambiguous after reading the guide. Because of that, the dungeon process has been prepared for you.

Pocket Kingdom TD Tip #1: Enter Dungeon.

Tap the Battle button in main

Enter the map, and choose the stage to challenge.

The interface will show the info of dungeon and rewards; player needs to tap “Enter”

The story will be triggered if there is any of them.

Pocket Kingdom TD Tip #2: Deploy the heroes.

The slots are empty for the new dungeons so player has to place the heroes wisely.

Tap the arrow and choose the avatar of heroes to deploy. The forage will be deducted after deploying the heroes.

Tap the heroes, and player can tap “$”, to deploy a new hero, because it cannot be changed after the battle starts.

This tag means this hero is a DEF Type.

Tap the Start button at lower to start the battle.

Unable to deploy hero when the resources are insufficient.

Pocket Kingdom TD Tip #3: Cast Skill.

After the battle has started, the energy will be restored as time goes by. When the image.png at lower left has satisfied the required energy of the hero, players can tap the avatar of the hero to cast skills.

Tap the avatar of the hero to view the required energy and the damage dealt.

Drag the skill or mouse to the place in which the player wants to cast skill. Release to cast the skill.

After casting the skill, the avatar will start cooling down meaning the player is unable to use the skill within the time.

Player can cast different skills from different heroes, it greatly upgrades the fun and flexibility of the game.

There are traps to be set in the battle map. Tap it to restore energy, and it will start cooling down after being restored

Pocket Kingdom TD Tip #4: Level up Heroes.

The level up icon will appear when the hero is able to level up

Consume coins to level up the passive skill

Passive skills will be actively triggered after the hero has leveled up.

Pocket Kingdom TD Tip #5: Result Reward.

Player has to defeat all enemies and end the battle with more than 0 HP, in order to claim better rewards.

The reward will be star-rated based on the battle, and players can then claim the reward.

Player can choose to continue or return to the main city.

Pocket Kingdom TD Redeem Code: 306C418555

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