Seven Hearts Cheats: Best 5 Star Hero (Not a Tier List), & 4 Great Tips for Heroes, Guide and Tricks

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Seven Hearts by BROKKSINDRI for Android/iPhone (iOS).

Get Valkyrie Warlord through Reroll or using this Item 5 Star 100 Hero Shard Ticket

She can't be attacked from the melee enemies
Instead she can attack them with cyclone.

Once summon, she flies with a movement speed twice as her walking speed.

Cyclone Damage alone can eliminate non tank enemies with one cyclone only.
It is equivalent to 300% damage of its normal range attack.
You can only use 3 cyclone attacks. 
After that Valkyrie Warlord would land on tbe ground and will became a ranged attacker (can't hit flying enemies anymore)

Fortunately, you can summon her again and you can still counter
flying enemies and use another 3 powerful cyclone attacks.

Cyclone Attack is OP, and here's why
1. It can interrupt enemies
- It can send enemies flying
- It can mini stun BOSS enemies (can't fight back)
2. Insane High Damage Output

Seven Hearts Tip #1: Upgrading Heroes
Improve your Heroes by Upgrading them. You can Upgrade your Heroes to greatly increase their stats.
All your Heroes can be Upgraded up to level 5. Remember, you can't sacrifice Heroes assigned to your Party.
You need to sacrifice other Heroes to Upgrade a Hero. The * of the sacrificed Hero or Hero Token must be identical or lower than the Hero to be Upgraded.
Note that Upgrades can fail consuming the sacrifices in vain. You can improve your success rate by sacrificing more and better Heroes or Hero Tokens.
Select the Hero you wish to Upgrade from the Hero menu and tap (Upgrade] button to view Heroes and Hero Tokens that can be sacrificed.
For each Hero Upgrade, up to 5 Heroes or Hero Tokens can be sacrificed. Add more and better Heroes or Tokens to improve your odds.

Seven Hearts Tip #2: Ranking Up Heroes
Ranking Up will upgrade stats of your Heroes.
Ranking Up will greatly improve your Hero's stats, but will reset your Hero's level and Upgrade level.

To Rank Up, your Hero must have achieved Level 30 and Upgrade Level 5. Also, Heroes or Hero Tokens of the same rank must be sacrificed.
The required number of Heroes or Hero Tokens you must
sacrifice depends on the Rank of the Hero you wish to Rank
Up. (A 3* Hero requires three 3* Heroes or Tokens)
All Heroes can be Ranked Up to 6*. Please note that Hero
Rank Up always succeeds.
Select the Hero you wish to Rank Up and tap on the Rank Upl button to select the Heroes to sacrifce.
If you select Heroes and Tokens to sacrifice from the Hero
Rank Up screen, [Rank Up] button will become active.
Please note that Hero Rank Up will consume Gold. The amount of Gold required is shown on the screen.
Ranking Up will upgrade your heroes stat. Your Hero's level and Upgrade level will be reset. Some heroes change their appearance.

Seven Hearts Tip #3: Hero Mastery
A Hero that has reached 6*, 30 Level, and +5 Upgrades can still get stronger through Hero Mastery.
You can master a hero up to level 15. On every master, the hero's level cap is unlocked and then reward can be claimed.
To master a hero, you require a right sacrificial hero of 5* or higher.
A Mastery will unlock the Hero's Level cap by 2 Levels.
The 1st Mastery from 30 to 32.
Mastery level 2 to 15 can be reached by raising the level to the extended max mastery level and then sacrificing the right hero of 5 or higher.
Once a Hero reaches 6*, 30 Level, and +5 Upgrades, [Rank Up] button will turn into [Master).
If you select the right sacrificial hero of 5* or higher [Mastery] button will become active.
A Hero, upon Mastering, will level up a Mastery level, and its Level cap will unlock by 2 Levels.
When you master a hero, rewards per hero are sent to your Mailbox.
You can get the Mastery Shard to master gear when using the right sacrificial hero of 5* for mastery.
You can get the Borr Gears to acquire a random part of gear when using the right sacrificial hero of 6*.
Whenever the mastery level goes up +5, the Max Upgrade
expands to +5. For example, a hero reaches the mastery level of 5, the Max Upgrade goes from +5 to +10.

Seven Hearts Tip #4: Hero Awakening
Whenever a hero advances a mastery level, awakening stones can be used to draw out the potential that hero has.
A hero's awakening level can be up to 10 levels, each level provides new power to the hero.
To awaken a hero, <Awakening Stone> is needed.
<Awakening Stone> can be acquired through [Convert).
Select Convert) after selecting a hero whom you want to convert into Awakening Stone. Number of Stones you can acquire depends on the rank of the hero.
Awakening level a hero can reach depends on the mastery level of a hero.
For example, a hero with mastery level of 3 can unlock up to awakening level 3, and the hero must reach mastery level of 4 in order to unlock awakening level 4.
Hero will acquire fixed stats per awakening level, and each classes acquire different set and value of stats upon awakening.